Join Our Movement

Bring practical economic education to your school or community by starting a chapter with us

Enjoy economics, finance, and business?

We certainly do! In such an unprecedented time like now with a global pandemic and with elections in many countries, it's imperative that young citizens harness the basic economic acumen to help them understand the situation we're in to help them help themselves and their families.


By starting a chapter of operationEconomics, you will spearhead the movement at a local scale, teach our curriculum, spark productive discourse about economics, host fundraisers, petition for bringing economics to your school, and more in your own community –especially if your school and city offer limited resources and opportunities to delve deeper into this field. Youth economic illiteracy and unequal K-12 economic education access are detrimental: we're changing that.

If this is something that'd you be up to the challenge for, go ahead and start! We're going to be here step-by-step along the way to help your chapter reach its fullest potential to succeed, grow, and make a tangible impact.

Get started now in 5 steps

Step 1 – Recruit an officer board

A committed, steadfast leadership team is a must to ensuring a chapter's success! While prior knowledge and experience aren't required, it certainly does help. Gather and recruit passionate friends with an interest in economics and with gumption for service, designate their specific positions and duties, and move onto the next step!


Step 2 – Find an adult advisor

Now it's time to find a club advisor! Excellent considerations when choosing an adult club advisor should be prior experience in business, economics, or finance-related fields, love for working with and teaching students, capability to mentor and providence guidance throughout the school year, influence on campus, and ability to let the students lead the show. Note that an adult advisor has to be a certified teacher or other faculty member on campus.

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Step 3 – Fill out necessary school club forms

With an officer board formed and advisor identified, fill out all necessary school paperwork and forms needed to start a club. Though this varies, typical documentation may include the standard form club bylaws initial membership roster, fundraising flyer and agreement, and advisor confirmation letter. See Resources for these.

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After handling the school club forms, it's time to complete the operationEconomics chartering form, linked above. This form requires some straightforward information and takes, on average, 8 minutes to complete. Once completed, we'll reach out to you for the next steps.

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Step 5 – Recruit members and start teaching! 

Last but not least, once you hear back from us on your charter status, you can start officially recruiting members, keeping them connected with our resources and opportunities, and teaching our open-source curriculum! Go ahead, make your difference. Help and empower your peers with the knowledge of economics. Happy impacting!