Youth led. Youth focused.

operationEconomics International has an expansive chapter network consisting of students worldwide. At the heart of our mission, our chapters ensure that practical economics applications and concepts can be taught from one student to another.

What are "chapters" though? It's simple! Chapters are simply local branches of operationEconomics, entirely student-led and student-founded by those who sympathize with our mission. Chapters can be created at any elementary school or equivalent, middle school or equivalent, high school or equivalent, or any community organization that serves youth. Think public libraries, youth councils, afterschool tutoring programs, and more. Chapters are at the very core of our mission. School by school, city by city, and chapter by chapter, we can make education a bit better than it was before. 

Frequently asked questions

For Chapter Advisors

For Chapter Leaders

Is there a minimum requirement amount of members needed to form a chapter?

Yes! A minimum of 5 members who are willing to accept the duties of being a club member are needed to form a chapter. Although not required, this may usually include: only one (1) Chapter President, at least one (1) Chapter Vice President, at least one (1) Chapter Treasurer, at least one (1) Chapter Secretary, and at least one (1) Chapter general member.

Where can I start a chapter?

Chapters can be started at any elementary school or equivalent, middle school or equivalent, high school school or equivalent, or any community organization that serves youth between grades K-12, which is equivalent to about ages 5-19. An example of this community organization would be a public library, youth council, afterschool tutoring programs, etc,,,

My officer board and I cannot run our meetings weekly. Can we still run them bi-weekly or even monthly?

Yes, you absolutely can! Once you register your chapter with us, you can run your chapter however you see fit according to the unique circumstances of your school/organization, as long as it abides by the school/organizational rules. Despite this, we still highly, highly recommend that you run your meetings weekly if possible as that will be the most conducive to helping students learn and stay engaged with the club.

During COVID-19, since my school has not reopened yet and has transitioned to virtual instruction, how will we conduct club meetings?

This is such an unprecedented time, and we understand that. To abide by social distancing guidelines both in the United States and internationally to slow the spread of COVID-19, all meetings shall be conducted virtually through a web conferencing platform like Zoom, Skype, or other. Our digital-friendly curriculum is easy to use, share, and teach.

I already run an economics club/program in my school/organization. Can I register that as a chapter, or do I have to create an entirely new club?

If you already run an existing economics club, you can register that as a chapter to join our network and gain membership-only access to our resources, programs, and other opportunities. If this is the case, you still have to complete the chartering form on our website to register your club as a chapter.

What are the typical officer positions for an operationEconomics chapter?

Though individual chapters have the ability to create new officer positions, assign duties, and change these, at least four (4) officers are needed: only one (1) Chapter President, at least one (1) Chapter Vice President, at least one (1) Chapter Treasurer, and at least one (1) Chapter Secretary.

Due to COVID-19, my school has shut down all extracurricular activities and has not allowed any clubs to run meetings. I still want to start a chapter. What do I do?

Not a problem, you can still get involved! A great first step would be to contact your guidance counselor or equivalent and the club coordinator at your school to determine whether contacting students and organizing an informal economics club/group is still possible. Emphasize that this will be done virtually! If you cannot start one at school, another great alternative would be to reach out to a local youth-oriented community organization to see if you can start a chapter there. Again, emphasize that this will be done virtually! Once you have received confirmation, fill out the chartering form.

What do I have to name my chapter?

If you are founding an entirely new chapter of operationEconomics, you must name it "operationEconomics Club of [insert school/organization name here]". For shorthand, members and officers can refer to it as "opEcon". If a brand new chapter, all names must strictly use this alias and will use official operationEconomics logos and seals. If you currently run an existing economics club and are registering it as a chapter, you have the option to rename it to "operationEconomics Club of [insert school/organization name here]". However, this is not required and you are still able to operate under a different alias and with different branding marks.

Is there a limit on how many members my club can have?

No! You can have as many club members as you want and are able to recruit!

What is the "Chapter Awards System"?

To recognize some of the best chapters that have made a difference in their community, we've developed a Chapter Awards System (CAS) that takes into account multiple factors to determine which chapters have truly made broadened the horizons of economic education. 1st Tier: 2nd Tier: 3rd Tier: 4th Tier:

What will my officers and I be teaching? In other words, what does the curriculum consist of?

Although we would love to share what our 38-week curriculum exactly entails, only registered chapters have access to this, so create a chapter in your school or local community organization if you have not already! Some important concepts we will be covering: • "There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" • A Deeper Dive into the Stock Market • Understanding the Basics of Human Behavior to Help Yourself • The Economics of COVID-19 • And much, much more...

Are there any resources to guide me as an officer of my operationEconomics Club?

Of course! See the Resources page for more information and help.

For Chapter Members

Am I eligible to join an operationEconomics club?

You are eligible to join an operationEconomics club if you: • are a student/member of the institution/organization in which the chapter is located • do not have any disciplinary action against you issued by the corresponding institution that prohibits you from participating in extracurricular activities offered • are willing to accept the responsibilities of club membership

What are the benefits of joining operationEconomics?

There are numerous benefits to being a part of the operationEconomics family! Joining an operationEconomics Club will: • allow you to learn more about practical economics that you can apply to everyday decision-making and voting • bring exposure to he advantages of pursuing an academic and professional career in economics • give you membership-only access to our professional and academic opportunities and programs – our curriculum, junior economic forums, economics competition, and more • give you access to our expansive international chapter network to make new friends • make you stand out on applications, resumés, portfolios, and more • give you a leg up on university/scholarship applications and job searches above other applicants

How do I join an operationEconomics Club?

Navigate the map on the See Our Chapters page to see if there is an existing club at your school or organization, or ask the club coordinator at your school whether an operationEconomics chapter exists. If one does, great! From there, go ahead and contact the chapter leaders for more information as to how to join their club – usually signing up on a roster or attending a meeting. If one doesn't exist, start one at your school and be the changemaker your community needs! Check the Start a Chapter page for more information on how to do this.

How is this different from a school-offered economics class? In other words, why should I join?

Unlike school-offered economics classes, our unique economics curriculum focuses on the PRACTICALITY of learning economics and why how young students can apply it as a framework to help them make better decisions and increase their quality of life on a daily basis. Less graphs. Less formulas. Less technical jargon. More practicality and relevance, just the way we think economics should be. Aside from this, did we mention the peer-to-peer, social component? You will have the opportunity to make friends across borders, engage in thoughtful productive discourse with students at your own school about economics, gain access to our economics competitions, networking opportunities, and more! Our exclusive, member-only access opportunities are unparalleled.

What are the expected duties of a club member?

Club members are expected to: • be willing to attend club meetings (virtually during COVID-19) • participate in club-organized activities • elect club officers during special election meetings